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HELP!!! I followed the directions but no dice!

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Hi Febs, Thanks for responding. I am pretty sure. I can only tell you that when I look at the drive on my desktop that I see all my music folders, my text folder, my picture folder and so forth. I created another folder and named it Rockbox and put the files in there. Is that ok, or is there a different way that I should have done it? Also, should I try using a different version(i.e. 1.29E or 1.29K)? Please advise.
~ irishroze

No, that's not right.  You didn't follow the directions.  Put the h300.hex file in the ROOT of your directory.  In other words, don't put it in any folders, just put it on the drive.  THEN do the firmware upgrade procedure.

root meaning not in any folders, in case that wasn't clear

 :D ;D :D ;D
Yeah, I did it!  Thanks for all the help!!!
~irishroze :P

Mad Big Sausage:
Had I seen this earlier I'd have sent you here.



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