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HELP!!! I followed the directions but no dice!

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I did what the site says but my h320 will not upgrade the firmware!  It just goes back to the music screen.  When I open the files on my desktop I can see files that my PC won't open and files that it will open with pictures in them!?  Did I screw up?  HELP!
I don't know if this helps, but I am using U.S. version 1.02 (that is what it says after I turn on my player).
I thought this whole thing was pretty self-explainitory but appearently I'm an idiot, 'cause it doesn't work for me!  Please tell me what I did wrong (if anyone can even understand my ramblings).
~irishroze  ???

make sure the patched firmware file is named h300.hex. any other name won't be recognized when you run the firmware upgrade.

Hey ego, thanks for responding!  The firmware is correct, I used the EU version for my H320 because site said that there is not a US version for this model.  After I got everything unzipped on my desktop, I ran the patch as directed and a window came up that said something about the patch being successful.  then I transferred everything to my H320 and tried to do the firmware upgrade but nothing happened.  Should I use something other then the 1.30 EU version(I noticed that there were several for this model)?  Should I start over again?  Should I just stop messing with things I don't understand? ;)  Anyway, Thanks for helping out, I really appreciate it.

try with 1.29E or 1.29K. i can vouch for the Korean version personally, and i think but am not sure people have had trouble with the E versions, or at least 1.30

Are you absolutely certain that the h300.hex file is in the root directory of your player?


(or whatever letter your player happens to be)


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