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iPod Classic freezing while playing a large folder or playlist


Using the latest built with emCore I experience freezes while playing folders or playlists containing 3000+ titles
(That's a guess, I didn't test out that many to be sure).

These will occur at random after playing around 5-20 songs and always at the end of the song.
I'm using the crossfading feature (the next song won't fade in before freezing).
I also tried using different "Repeat"-options, since some people said that helped, to no use.

Any help would be appreciated.


--- Quote from: intoxicated on February 13, 2015, 02:29:31 PM ---Using the latest built with emCore...

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"The latest built" (sic) doesn't tell us a lot at all. On some days, there may be no builds produced, on others, there may be several. Latest tells us very little, the version string, tells us exactly which build you're using.

This is visible both during boot, and from the 'System -> Rockbox Info -> Version:' menu path. The format of which will be XXXXXXX-YYMMDD where X's equal a unique hash and the rest follows a standard year/month/day format.

--- Quote from: intoxicated on February 13, 2015, 02:29:31 PM ---...I experience freezes while playing folders or playlists containing 3000+ titles

--- End quote ---

Neither of the two elements described here (folders or playlists) should be of any consequence here with regard to the amount of files listed, as you'll see shortly, that really isn't a lot of files at all compared to what we can handle.

Playlists are (soft - meaning we could allow more in theory but do not in practice) limited to well beyond 3000 tracks, the default limit is 10,000 and the upper bound is 32,000. Meaning that there's the possibility to add between 7,000 and 29,000 additional tracks to any given playlist.

There is another (again, soft) limitation on the amount of files the File Browser can display at any given time, by default this limit is 1,000 files but can be expanded to 10,000 files. This limitation is per directory, however, as opposed to in total. Meaning that, at least in theory, easy and every individual directory can include up to 10,000 files, regardless of the contents of its children (sub-directories).

It would be very helpful to:

- know precisely which Rockbox version (refer to the above text on how to locate this) we're dealing with here
- know whether or not reverting the player to its default settings fixes the issue for you
  (You can backup your current configuration by going to Settings -> Manage Settings -> Save .cfg file, and reset the current configuration to default by going to Settings -> Manage Settings ->Reset Settings)
- see your user settings from your /.rockbox/config.cfg
  (you can upload the file in full to a site like, or just the contents thereof (preferable) to a site such as and then supply us with the url in order to review your device configuration)


Sorry for being so vague.

The version is 8aa72f0-150203.

This is what my config file looks like.

I'm trying it with the default settings right now. I can only tell you that it happened with the biggest playlist I have. I wouldn't know why others work and this one does only for a while.

Edit: Same with the default settings. It froze after track no. 23 from the playlist. All I can do is a reset.

Edit #2: This actually also happens when skipping through files, I can't ever skip through 20 songs of this playlist/folder without rockbox freezing.


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