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Daily builds since Saturday have been freezing constantly

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Has anyone else with a color been experiencing this?  It will play for maybe 20 minutes or so, then freeze.  It's pretty non-responsive when trying to reboot it also.  After three or four tries it actually reboots, then halfway through the next song it freezes up again.  I wish I paid closer attention to the last build I had that wasn't freezing this excessively.

I am using the build from 6-15-06 without problems.
I have a 60GB as well.


Try restting your settings. and make sure you update your ipod properly for example make sure when your updating you replace the old rockbox.ipod with the new one and that you replace the .rockbox folder with the new folder.

I am having the exact same problem both with an fresh rockbox install and a tweaked one.  Tried using it for a party the other day and every 20 some odd minutes it would lock up and I had to select/menu to reboot it.

I have been watching the daily builds but I don't see anything in there that would solve this problem.  I am working with daily builds from the 25th or somewhere around there.

Are you using the equalizer?


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