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Data Abort at 01F090E0


I was listening to a track on my iPod Nano (1GB). The track began to repeatedly skip forward about 20-30 seconds and play a half-second clip each time (similar to what WinAmp used to do when you held the shift key while grabbing the seek bar, I don't know if it still does). I rewinded to about the front of the track (about the 2 second mark) and then Rockbox crashed with the message:
--- Code: ---Data abort
at 01F090E0
--- End code ---
It also corrupted my WPS (light pink boxes on where the changeables go (i.e. shuffle vs. linear, MP3 vs OGG, and so on)), and kept the backlight on indefinately.

After rebooting the player, and skipping back to this track, the symptoms did not repeat.


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