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I flashed my recorder with the daily build & noticed these fonts don't work anymore. I then read on the mailing list about it. Someone suggested thinning it down. Would this work and how?
  Thanks for any help, I have old eyes!!

This is one of the two fonts that don't work since Bagder reduced the size of the font buffer. I'd just suggest choosing a different (but similar) one. Or perhaps someone could increase the size just a bit to make this font work.

Well, I downloaded chicago12 from the fonts page and tried using convbdf on it and discovered that the resulting font file is much bigger than the one that comes with the daily build.  Anyone know why?

You are probably using an outdated version of convbdf.

Do I need to install Cygwin then and compile convbdf myself?
The reason I'm asking is that I thought I could maybe enlarge the chicago12 font a bit.


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