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small issue i need help with

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Im new to rockbox, and love it. Theres only one problem I have with it. When I'm browsing my song files it will display the artist-track-album-name. Seeing as how using the Nano, its hard to find the song I want because normally you can't see it. Is there anyway to just make it display  the name of the song? Or use a program to change this? I'm currently about to try MediaMonkey Gold. Thanks.

Are you using TagCache or browsing the filetree? In the filetree it simply shows whatever you've named the file. In TagCache it should only show the Title ID3 tag.

Well, from what its showing me, I'm browsing the filetree. I just finished reading the TagCache tut on the main page, and configured it a little better. I guess what I'm asking is if theres a way for it to display the song title only, somewhat like back in apple.

Yes, use the file cache. 

Or, use Media Monkey to change your filenames so that they're artist/album/track filename (or something similar) instead of the current name.

What would I have to edit to do that(Media Monkey)? Edit the .m3u?


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