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I've been using Rockbox on my 2GIG nano for a while, and I think its the only real good software for that iPod hardware ;-)
But I have one problem that's really messing me up: during playback I always get short gaps of 1s ... this happens 2 or 3 times per file ... and I really don't know how to solve this. It happens with long and short files, with mp3 vbr, cbr and with ogg. I tried smaller Playlist- and Dir-Sizes, I reformated the filesystem .. no help. BTW: the gapless playback for 2 files works great! And if the player stucks during playback, it's not possible to press a key or so.

Does anyone know what to do?



I am going to guess that you have either a peakmeter on your wps, or the equaliser on. Turn the latter off, or delete the former, and you should be fine?


its ur equalizer

u messed up while messing around with it

Just turning the equaliser on is enough to cause gaps as present. Just leave it off, until the devs start to optimise the iPod port.


yeah, I got the equalizer on. Its very important for my that the nano sounds not like a $10 discount mp3 player. I recognized that when setting the cpu boost level to 10 reduces the gaps ... I don't really know what that boost means, but it works a little ;-)


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