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I found some discussion here regarding the player:

and someone confirmed that it's the SCF5250 inside both the NW-A3000 and the smaller models (1000 and 1200, which have CF microdrives instead of HDDs), the same chip as the Cowon iAudio M5/X5.

I bought one of these and took some scans.  Port page is here:


I saw in this forum that the Sony NW-A3000 has the same hardware as the iAudio X5 and the iAudio M5.

Can i flash mine by choosing this firmware type ?

Which one do i have to choose ?

Thanks for your advices.  :)


--- Quote from: E-Gwen on November 08, 2020, 07:47:13 PM ---Can i flash mine by choosing this firmware type ?

--- End quote ---

No.  Read the post immediately above yours for a summary of what needs to be done before you can flash anything.


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