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well i thought i would ask if a project could get started for this player, as the updaters sony provide have 2 files that are needed in the update, a NW-A3000.bin file and a NW-A3000.UPG file.

These both reside on the device wen updated until the device is turned on in which the MP3 Player will install them...

The updater is fully customisable pretty much, and i hear that the chip inside the player contains the Freescale Chip ??? model number SCF5251...  ?

Well apparently it supports the following:

-Ogg Vorbis
-MPEG-4 decoding
-MP3 encode *****
-ADPCM (adaptive differential pulse code modulation) recording, basically PCM recording like the MDs.
-finally microsoft's PlaysForSure

So i was wondering whether any body could help me out with a project for this player.



--- Quote ---Freescale Chip Huh model number SCF5251.
--- End quote ---

Coldfire MCF5251 then I guess? A newer member of the 5249 (iriver) and 5250 (iaudio) CPU family!

Yes it looks that way, and i would be interested in people to help me find out how to get in the images that sony give with the updaters, as looking at them in Hex doesnt reveal much, so i'm guessing some sort of scrambling ??? has been used.


Yes, that's an important and vital step of getting Rockbox ported to a target.

Try this guide:

If you truly reached this step with the previous ones already covered, you're close... :-)

I am willing to help.  Not sure how I can help.  But:

1) I am a software developer (not embedded)
2) I own a NW-A3000 and would like to get more from it.


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