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dates for Rockbox v3?

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gr1m r34p3r:
Are there any dates set for when rockbox v3 is going to come out?

sorry if this has already been asked/answered but i couldnt find it.

Rockbox version 3.0 isn't for the X5 anyway. It's the release for the iriver players, and an new version for the Archoses.

There is at the moment no release date.

I think we are now back to the much better answer:

"When its ready".


gr1m r34p3r:

--- Quote from: Llorean on June 16, 2006, 08:47:45 PM ---Rockbox version 3.0 isn't for the X5 anyway.
--- End quote ---

Oh really? damn, i thought it was for some reason. ah well, i guess i'll have to stay patient.

I'm looking forward to it, because it means the end of the feature freeze...the new feature patches for the X5 will finally get rolled into official builds (recording and FM radio for example).  As it is, those patches are only available in binary form thanks to hard work of a few members of the iaudiophile forums.


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