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Philips HDD6330 - Some Observations


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Hello. I'm new to using Rockbox, and after initially experiencing some frustration with it on this particular model, I've changed some settings and it now seems to be working fine with the exception of one issue.

The major problem I had was with the database. I was constantly getting the "database not ready" message along with panic crashes related to it. I resolved this issue by changing the "disc spindown" value to 180s. On this player (HDD6330), allowing the spindown to activate at all always caused database issues. Interestingly, it would occur even with music playing (disk obviously spinning) if the spindown parameter was set to a small value. Setting it to 180s, and then setting "idle poweroff" to an equivalent value of 3 min has resolved ALL issues I had with the database. Although it is a large spindown value, the disk does not sound (or feel) like it is spinning when music is not playing.

The only other issue that I cannot fix directly by changing settings is that the device occasionally "locks up" at the main menu and rebooting does not help. However, unplugging and reconnecting the headphones followed by a reboot always clears the problem.

I'm really enjoying Rockbox on my HDD6330, and hope this post helps others who would like to use it on their Philips.


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