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iRiver iHP-140 problem

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Hi, apologies if this is covered elsewhere but searching has proved fruitless.

My 140 went a bit gooey, so I thought I'd format it - bad idea.

Trying to use the Rockbox utility, and it won't mount despite it appearing in Windows quite happily.

I can boot into iRiver firmware and it looks OK except for pressing the NAVI button opens a folder view that appears to have Japanese characters in it and won't do anything i.e no options.

If I let it boot into rockbox (6) it just hangs on the rockbox version, battery status etc. screen doing nothing.

Connected via USB, I can drag folders and files onto it in explorer quite happily.

I don't appear to be able to remove rockbox and start anew or simply repair rockbox.

Any clues?

Really, no-one got anything to add?   :-\

I know it's older kit but is this really it?

No help at all?  :-\


You can reinstall RB manualy. Just copy appropriate files to iRiver. No need to do it using RB utility.

It is not clear, if you formated the disk or not. How big the disk is, how did you formated it (if you formated it) and so on. What kind of bootloader you have. Too many unknowns to help you.

I have tried putting the .hex file but with no joy.

As I stated in the OP:

Formatted the hard disk in Windows using Disk Manager
It's an iHp-140 - this means it is a 40GB disk

No idea what bootloader I have. If you have any suggestions on how to revert back using a manual approach, please let me know and/or ask any further questions that may facilitate the process.

thanks in advance...


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