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Recording with Android device?


Howdy ALL!

I've been a diehard fan of Rockbox since 2006/2007 when I first installed it for recording on my Iriver H140.  Since then, I've recorded many great shows, and I'm still just really stoked about this Software.

Alas, my trusty Iriver H140 is starting to show it's age.  The battery is dying, and the power supply jack has an intermittent failure, so I'm afraid that it may have taken me as far as it's going to.

I'm in the market for a new recorder.  There are quite a few FLASH recorders out there now, where back in 2006 when I began using Rockbox there were few, and they had little storage and were quite expensive!!

I've looked around, and though the prices for these recorders aren't too bad, none of them have the features that rockbox has, that my "hands off" recording approach depends on!!  Like being able to set pre-recording at 30 seconds, or the AGC that saves your recording if the stage volume comes up unexpectedly.....

I currently have an iphone, I'm always surprised at the quality and simplicity of the app interfaces, and especially the music apps, of which I have several...

So I see here on the site that there is a port for rockbox in app form for Android devices.  Is anyone recording with rockbox on Android devices?



No, this feature does not exist for these ports.


OK, thanks for the info.

I'm kind of leaning toward rehabbing my H140 with new battery, SSD drive, and hopefully fixing the charge input somehow, so I can keep using this amazing recording software.

Rawk On


EDIT:Wrong thread


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