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iPod Classic 6G/7G "Load to RAM" in Database Settings?

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I've just switched to an iPod 7g 160gb from iPod Video and I've just installed rockbox on it. But I found that in my Database Settings does not have "Load to RAM" option like in my iPod Video, as I understand that "Load to RAM" will make the database load faster and decrease the spins of the harddrive when using the database.

Is this on purpose? Can I fix by build rockbox by myself?


I have only had a very brief look at this so far, so I can't really tell you too much about this other than:

 - You're quite right, this option is missing.
 - This isn't contained specifically to the iPod Classic.
   (But I wouldn't blame you for not being aware of that if that's the only target that you have available.)
 - It happened somewhere between the 3.13 release and now.
   (Which is a hilariously wide scope, but still useful to me or others to narrow this down at a later stage)
 - Attempting to re-enable the database RAM cache in git HEAD (the very tip of the development branch) code base results in quite a few errors on undefined references, eventually falling over completely somewhere in tagcache.c

It being disabled certainly looks deliberate, but I have to stress that I have only looked at this for approximately 2 or 3 minutes, so I really can't even guess as to the intention or motivation behind it. I can give it some more serious thought later this evening.


If this changes applies to ipod video too so I think I will build rockbox for ipog6g from one of the sourcecode I got for build ipogvideo.

EDIT: I've just build from rockbox-223038d and the option is back.

I believe it was removed in the recent file system rework.

So will it be back in future builds?


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