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Ipod Nano 5th Gen: RockBox helped by open source of Podzilla

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Good morning,

after learning of this wonderful program and see that unfortunately does not have support for my Ipod Nano 5th Gen (Video not 5Gen Ipod), I looked for other alternatives.

I saw exite linux for this version of the iPod and I thought: could you use the open source linux to advance in the RockBox for this model?

Best regards, and thanks to all who make posible this project day after day

There is no port of Linux (or anything at all) to the iPod Nano 5G.

There is a port to the iPod Video 5G, which was done by a lot of the same people who worked on the Rockbox port to that device.

Oops, sorry I thought you had read support for this Ipod and thought it could be exploited.

Regards and although no support for my Ipod thanks for the excellent work, hopefully in the future be lucky enough to try it.

There's arbitrary execution on the iPod Nano 4G, but the storage is inaccessible so you're limited to being able to poke around in RAM.

On the Nano 5G...there's...nothing I'm aware of. Though its highly possible that one of the multitude of iOS tethered jailbreaks could possibly bear fruit.

The real issue with either device, however, is that there's no one doing anything with either.
Even if there was a workable exploit and a clear path to an end goal, there's no one actually doing the work.


It's a shame they are no longer working on the project, it was wonderful. I wish I could bring to the group.

It's a shame that the project is stalled. I wish I could enjoy it in the future. Hopefully resume the project and have progress. I can not ask for more since it is a volunteer project.


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