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I know this is a really old topic but the same thing (I am hoping it was one time only and not signs of a bigger issue) on two "used-like new" Sansa Fuze+'s I just bought ... No signs of life with plugging it into my PC (tried different cables too) ... and one of my chargers and one port of my other "dual usb" Powergen charger (I can only find it on Ebay now, Amazon de-listed that one I have).  Somehow only when i plugged it into the A side (there is a NA and A on each usb port ... not sure if A was suppose to be for Apple and it provided more voltage/amperage or something than the "NA" side) ... this was before I could even think of Rockboxing those two units ... it boot looped a few times but after a few minutes of doing that on the AF ... it started to take the charge it seemed... I am troubleshooting another Fuze+ atm, but I am just hoping that (all the same seller by the way) this Black 4GB unit and those two blue 4GB units are not dying ... if i have to charge them more OFTEN that is fine, but I am not sure if this is a sign of the unit's batteries dying


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