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Well when i plug it in i get a black screen with my battery status and voltage in mV
it says charging and trickle and sometimes error.
and it jumps up and down on percent and mV.
but it all works normally when rockbox is fully booted.
Please Help!
RockBox Ver. 6e701d3-140602

Interesting, I have never heard any report of "error" in the charging status. When it happen, does the firmware crash or something, or is it just that it display some error and the percent/mV displayed seems inconsistent ?

My Sansa Fuze+ is also now turning on and off during charging I think it is that the battery is too low. So it does not have enough battery to start and I think my charging connector might be bad.
Please help and thank you.

It has happened to me few times that battery was so much dischaged that Fuze+ seemed to be dead. Even if connected to USB charger it switched on for few seconds (to bootloader) and switched off. I thought, connector is bad or charger is bad, etc. Or Fuze+ is dead.

My experience is that one may revive Fuze+ by starting Fuze+ in OF (by holding volume- while pluggin to USB charger) and chargé it a bit. After a while (few minutes) one may switch to RockBox and charging works again.

This problém has occured only seldomly (cca 5 times in 2 years), when Fuze+ was deeply discharged.

My guess is, that RockBox bootloader starts charging too late (the battery is not able to feed RB bootloader to the point, when charging starts). If my guess is right, and it is possible to switch on charging sooner, it might help.

I do not consider it a real problém if one knows what to do (switch to OF), if Fuze+ does not want start charging in RB.

This happens to me as well. Sometimes it show the connected icon but without the lighting bolt. If I connect the player while off, it turns on and sometime it says trickle.


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