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[320x240x24] Redux theme for the iPod Video

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Of course this are your fonts. Thanks a lot. I've used many different sizes of the Ubuntu font on my theme (arc-en-ciel). It is strange that some sizes look much better than others.

And a link on the extras page still exists!? Do you want to add more fonts?

Thank you for all your great work and for keeping an eye on all activity around here.


deho made touchscreen areas for your wps file (attached)  :)

Cool, the vertical meter works then like the ones you can see on some stereos? Is this just the peak meter modified?

Its a bunch of left/right peak meters of different sizes stacked, I posit, to make it appear to be a functional GEQ visualizer.


Cool, that's pretty awsome ;D I was hoping one day for an actual visualizer to be in the .wps screen, or even a plugin/demo, but this is a cool work-around.
I attempted to convert this for my Sansa e280, but failed v.v
I re-sized the bitmaps, and changed a few values so that they weren't outside of my sansa's pixel's, but it didn't work.
I also tryed to just copy & paste all the code for just the peak meter into an already working .wps, but it just goes to the failsafe screen. I had both the %xl & %pL & %pR code, so I wasn't sure why it wasn't working.


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