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Hey guys, I recently stumbled upon the possible iPod video storage upgrades and then found rockbox.  I quickly picked up an iPod, upgraded the storage and installed rockbox  I am really enjoying rockbox and wanted to contribute something.  I studied everyone's great themes all last week and am now ready to present my own theme.  I am calling it "redux".  I hope you guys like it!

I would have really liked to use an anti-aliased Helvetica font for the time in the left hand corner, but for the life of me, I couldn't get figure out cygwin enough to use convttf.  I ended up using droidsans since SAINT released a pack of all the sizes.  Is there a compiled version of convttf for windows or would anyone be willing to do the helvetica fonts for the community?

Hello jdotifite,
first of all, thanks for your great theme. It is one the themes that look A-Z stylish.
Maybe you've noticed that your theme is also listed for Cowon D2 Players. Maybe you could add touchscreen areas for the D2 owners, that would be great (or i could do it for you and send it to you, so you would release the update). And an FM screen would be cool too.

Maybe I will look at the convttf if i find the time, but i think it is difficult to get a good result  :(. Anyway, is it allowed, to use the converted Helvetica fonts?

Regards, cholero

I've played around a little with covttf. It gives out easily a quite good result:

The main problem are the numbers. It is annoying if you use a font for time display where the numbers are not equally wide. It is not with your Droidsans and I couldn't make it the same width with Helvetica and convttf. I would stay with Droidsans or did you try ubuntu? Ubunt has a constant width.
If you're still interested and have a ttf font which is legal to use (I don't remember where I got my ttf's from), send it to me and I'll try to convert it.

btw, these are the options whit convttf:

Usage: convttf [options] [input-files]
       convttf [options] [-o output-file] [single-input-file]

       Default output-file : <font-size>-<basename>.fnt.
                              When '-ta' or '-tc' is specified in command line,
                                default output-file is:
                             <font-size>-<internal postscript-name of input-file>.fnt.
    -s N   Start output at character encodings >= N
    -l N   Limit output to character encodings <= N
    -p N   Font size N in pixel (default N=15)
    -c N   Character separation in pixel.Insert space between lines.
    -x     Trim glyphs horizontally of nearly empty space
              (to improve spacing on V's W's, etc.)
    -X     Set the horizontal and vertical resolution (default: 60)
    -TA N  Trim vertical ascent  (N percent)
    -TD N  Trim vertical descent (N percent)
    -Ta N  Trim vertical ascent  (N pixels)
    -Td N  Trim vertical descent (N pixels)
    -r N   Row separation in pixel.Insert space between characters
    -d     Debug: print converted glyph images
    -tt    Display the True Type Collection tables available in the font
    -t N   Index of true type collection. It must be start from 0.(default N=0).
    -ta    Convert all fonts in ttc (ignores outfile option)
    -w     Don't try to make digits (0-9) equally wide
    -L     Use lighter hinting algorithm

Were these the fonts I generated years and years ago?

Droidsans and Ubuntu anti-aliased fonts make me want to say yes, if not, that's an incredible coincidence.

By default, convttf will *try* to make all digits equally wide, unless the user passes the -w flag, but in my experience, this is a mixed bag of results. Most of the convttf flags come with some non-obvious caveat (manually adjusting ascent/descent is a veritable nightmare), but the results are generally "OK".

Should I consider this a call to arms, and generate a new font set to link to the Extras page?

Would this be useful, wanted?



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