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Hello all  :)

I did write a while back about a recording issue I had with a sansa fuze device. However in the end (and after finding one with a reasonable price tag) I decided to get the newer sansa fuse plus. So far so good -- the fuze+ dosen't have the strange "chriping crickets" (for want of a better term) recording problem when recording from the radio.

There remains only one issue however on the fuze plus with recording. BTW I am aware of this page and that on the fuze plus recording is 90%, "Everything works, need more testing to be declared stable".

There's just one problem however. If I select "frequency" in the recording settings there's a list -- e.g. 8,11.025,12,16,22.05,24,32,44.1,48,64,88.2,96 khz for wavpack (can the fuze plus even record at 96?). But only 44.1 seems to work. If I choose a lower frequency the audio is slowed down; recording at higher speeds it up!

Any way to work around this  at all?



I am not too familiar with the recorder, I never use it that's why I wrote that more testing is needed. I'll check if the audio driver correctly setup the sampling rate, if you have another Rockbox device, can you try the same procedure ? If the problem also shows up then it's a general problem with the audio subsystem. I'll try it too on another device.

If you look at recording code, I would like to ask you, if you can check that recording level indicator works correctly.

I might do something wrongly, but I never managed to make it show something (do any movement).

My Fuze+ does record, but recording level indicator shows nothing.

Would be good, if it shows the sound level, as one would know that he really records and recording sound level is set satisfactorily.

I gave recording a try on a clip plus but the recording wasn't affected by speed, it recorded normally at low and high freq. rates.

From memory I don't think that the recording level indicator shows anything on mine either.


Did anyone manage to see what is causing this bug/problem btw? Still seems to be there even in the latest dev builds for this device.



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