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iPod Classic 160GB can't get EmCore to install/run

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Oomph, I'm relieved I finally got my message across XD I see you know now what I actually tried to say ^^
I've now sacrificed myself (and my iPod) as a guinea pig for this. I reinstalled the CNI themes to determine whether I have been talking crap all this time or not. As it comes... I have NOT.
I selected one of the CNI themes on my iPod (it seems not to matter which one or whether you pick it in "browse themes" or just as a WPS)... and I think you know what happened then. Prefetch error. Thus, we can be very sure that these themes will not work (anymore) on the iPod Classic. Maybe we should add a note to that theme here on the website to prevent others from having similar troubles...
I have checked the theme overview... for both the CNI and the XPLoRR themes, the full names of the developers are indicated. But... how can I contact them? Maybe I'm just too stupid, but I cannot find any means of contacting them, as there are no email addresses or other things.
I thought I was clever when I exported database modifications prior to this experiment. However, I was not clever enough to export settings as well, so I had to take care of that all over again ._.
Anyway, someone over at the IRC told me that a complete forced re-installation of Rockbox was not necessary and that a simple "clearing the Rockbox configuration" from the EMCore tools menu would also do. And it did.
I remember having tried to "reprogram" another theme so that it includes the rating... and I didn't get it working. But I guess I'll try that again.
If I insert the line you indicated in your post, will that add stars as ratings on the WPS? If it did simply indicate the number (0-10), this would be even better! Could you paste the line I have to add in order to achieve this?

Thanks once again!


Damn it... I swear I will NEVER EVER again try to modify Rockbox in any way without first asking you or one of the developers.
I have spent the last 2 hours trying to undo the damage caused  by my own curiosity.
First things first: I have tried some other themes... and ALL of them caused the Prefetch error! So far, XPLoRR is the only theme that works at all. As I didn't have much choice, I tried to modify the rating display just like you indicated with the XPLoRR theme then. I replaced the line originally written in the XPLoRR .wps file with the one you pasted, and it was fine. I wanted to experiment some more... because I felt instead of "1-10 stars" I could get the WPS to display words like "Instant classic" (for songs with 10 stars) or "Terrible" (for songs with only 1 star). All I did was modify the line like this:

%?rr<No Rating|Terrible|Bad|Quite Bad|Below Average|Average|Solid|Good|Great|Awesome|Instant Classic>

I thought this was not much of a change... but it caused a lot of damage! I received error after error, up to the point that the iPod seemed completely bricked...
What did I do wrong? I only replaced the words, so why was that so much different from what you indicated?


Hey [Saint]!

In case you read this: I would still highly estimate your feedback on my latest posts!
It would really help me understand how RockBox works.

Thanks in advance,


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