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One last revision of new Brickmania bitmaps - CVS ones are no longer an option.

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Two is subtle enough that I'm not really bothered by it. Three honestly drives me nuts, just looking at them. But then, I'm perhaps just a wee bit obsessive-compulsive.

I voted 2, becasue I think 3 is a bit too contrasted, but I prefer some shading over none.

Sure.. in fact I'll probably need to completely redraw these at a larger resolution, and if I do I'll make the shading a tad-bit lighter ;) (if #2 is the winner).

Well, real bricks have more texture than shading, really.

The shading happens between them, shadows on the mortar/grout/whatever.

But yeah, I'm fine with 2, though my vote was for 1.

Real bricks don't vanish when you hit them with a ball, though, so realism in this case is second to aesthetics.  And in my opinion the 2nd bricks are the nicest looking :D


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