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One last revision of new Brickmania bitmaps - CVS ones are no longer an option.

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--- Quote from: Yotto on June 12, 2006, 10:25:26 AM ---Real bricks don't vanish when you hit them with a ball, though, so realism in this case is second to aesthetics.  And in my opinion the 2nd bricks are the nicest looking :D

--- End quote ---

Ha! I'm with Yotto on this one. Well said.

Cool, so everyone seems to like or at least be fine with the second ones. :)

Unless something changes within 4-5 hours I'll probably get to redrawing them larger and commit them later today.

i just voted for the 3rd ones but then took another look at them and decided that i like the 2nd ones better so i changed my vote

Alright, so quite clearly #2 is the winner. Rescaling them correctly for different LCD sizes will be a bit harder than I hoped, due to aspect ratio differences.. still, I'll do it soon. :)

keep up the good work


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