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One last revision of new Brickmania bitmaps - CVS ones are no longer an option.

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Hi all,

As it turns out, there could potentially be some copyright trouble with the current Brickmania bitmaps. Along with the fact that we *need* new bitmaps for 320x240 (and potentially new/larger LCDs in the coming months/years), I decided to start a new poll. I would have probably left the idea alone after the mixed results of the last few, but this is it - the CVS ones are no longer an option. :)

Here are the three possibilities; the first is similar to the second revision of the bitmaps with plainer shading, and the second is the same as the first, but has slight left-to-right shading as the current bitmaps do. The third is the same as the second, except the left-to-right shading is darker.

First bitmaps, standard shading:

Second bitmaps, slight L-to-R shading:

Third bitmaps, darker L-to-R shading:

Thanks for your patience and input on these, everyone. :)

I voted for the third ones because for me they have the best 3D look
and I like the textures.

I could also live with the second ones - but the first one don't look good to me ;)

I'm liking the first or the second ones.. and the second ones are currently getting the most votes. I'll give it another day at least, though...

I still don't get where the lightsource is supposed to be... do the bricks indent partway through? Is that why they're lightest on the left side, lighter on the right side, and dark partway through as if they curve? ;)

Dunno, it's weird, really, but people seem to like it. :)

I don't mind the subtle shading of #2, though; I kind of like it.


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