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how do I get gapless playback on self-made ripped CD comps?

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installed rockbox as instructed - seems to be working OK (I'm assuming I don't have to 'activate a gapless playback feature'). have many self-made audio CD comps burned on Nero and ripped to X5 using dMC audio CD input. CDs play seamlessly (lots of crossfading) on DVD player but still gaps on X5.
will I have to reburn my comps using different software to enable gapless playback on X5?

Have you tried using Rockbox's crossfade feature?

What format are these files on your player?  If they're in MP3, they will only be gapless if encoded with LAME 3.90.1 or later. 

They are MP3s burned to audio CD (as an audio CD not MP3 disc) then ripped as MP3s (keeping same track order as audio CD) to the X5. dBpower AMP is release 11 which uses Lame 3.96.1 encoder to rip CDs to MP3 format.

Well there you go.  MP3s are not designed to be gapless.  OGG Vorbis, on the other hand, is.

Try playing around with crossfade before you go re-converting everything.

While this is true, MP3s ripped with LAME 3.96.1 should play back gaplessly (or very, very close to gaplessly) in Rockbox. 

I agree with the previous poster though.  Why go through the hassle of burning the MP3s to CD and then re-ripping (which degrades the quality of the MP3) when you can achieve the same result using the crossfade feature and a playlist?


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