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Hey, how do i install album art patch, or any kind of patch for that matter?

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Well, patches are features that aren't done well enough yet to be used in the official build (or in some cases things not wanted in the official build, though Album Art is more the former).

So, really, they're intended for developers only in almost all cases.

Jude, depending on what ipod you have, some people have precompiled patched builds available.  Search around this forum to see what's available.

thnx for the help guys

so its for developers, no wonder i had problems with it :P 8)

There is no expectation that users should have to patch, by any means.
Patches are there while things are being developed, and as a means for people to contribute to the project. The Album Art patch will definitely be included eventually, but there are still some barriers, and until then many people have taken the steps necessary to use it in its current form.

thnx man, i just went for a simpler theme instead, guess i can wait.


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