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Final Revision of potential new Brickmania bitmaps

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I don't like any of them now. The v2s are too dark and... well.. lacking contrast because of it. While th v3s have a little more contrast, but that funky texture.
Also, poll should be edited so users can change their votes.


The v2s are the exact same image as the "darker" ones in attempt two.. I personally liked the lighter version of those, but everyone seems to love "darker".. sigh...

Voted for v3, just 'cos it has "texture"... but wasn't the whole point of this to remove the texture for simple cross-platform re-scaling?

To be honest. They all look kinda okay. Wouldn't complain about any of them. It's a very simple game. How much time do you really need to spend of the block texture?  :P Good work anyway!


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