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Final Revision of potential new Brickmania bitmaps

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Alright, I finished "v3" of the Brickmania bitmaps. This is more than likely the last poll I'll hold on the topic. Your choices are between the current, CVS ones, "v2" ones (the darker version of the bitmaps that appeared in the 'attempt two' poll", and "v3" ones, ones I just remade based on several "they need to look more 3d" and "bricklike" comments.

The new ones are rather similar to the v2 ones, but they have more of a brick texture, and a bit stronger highlights/shadows. Also note that the v3 ones have different textures on each color bitmap, whereas the CVS bitmaps and the v2 bitmaps have the same texture on each brick, just with different colors.

The winner of this poll (if it's by more than a couple votes) will probably end up being the bitmaps that stay.

Current CVS bricks, iPod 5G:

"v2" bricks, iPod 5G:

"v3" bricks, iPod 5G:


pls change my vote to v2, i voted v3 on accident. the v3 ones look too...bumpy, especially the yellow ones.

Er. I may have forgotten to check the "let users change their votes" option.. and I can't change it now.

Maybe when Llorean comes by he can enable that option and/or fix your vote.. otherwise we'll just remember -1 for v3 and +1 for v2.

Mr. Brownstone:
Call me a pedant, but the lighting is cast from the wrong direction: top-right instead of top-left. ;D

Top-right just don't look natural, baby. :-X

I love top-right. :)


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