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Potential new Brickmania bitmaps, attempt two

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The dark ones actually look like real bricks. but, like i said in the other brickmania topic, they would look a lot better on a lighter background (if it's possible)

I guess the new ones aren't "real brick"- and "3D"-ish enough for you guys, so...

I'll work on them more tonight and increase the depth.

Midkay: You do realise that at the time of my posting in this, there were 12 votes for new bricks vs 7 for old ones. Just because it was 6/6/7 doesn't mean the new style didn't win.

Also, I don't think a white background would look good at all. Just me, though.

My 2 cents:

why the old ones? (I voted for them). As far as I am concerned, I do know it is not a true 3D, the shade is unrealistic etc. - but it's much more... arkanoid.  8)

It's much more 80's, old Atari 65 XE and all that stuff. :) Everybody who feels it - just feels it, I guess.  8)
That arkanoid needs to have a strong texture on bricks and _black_ space - just as it is.

So please - probably sth can be done with the bricks to make a "golden" texture satisfying almost everybody - but please eave the space black. :)

If anything they look more like the ones I voted for, the lighter ones.

Also, what does "sth" mean? Is that "something"? It seems an awful short abbreviation of the word, considering the sheer volume of letters dropped.


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