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Potential new Brickmania bitmaps, attempt two

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I'm actually from the USA. Texas, at the moment, unfortunately.

I've never seen "sth" before outside of these forums. I'm quite unfond of abbreviations in general, partially because they make it very difficult for communication with people who either don't speak English natively, or have to depend on translation software or reader software (visually impaired) to access our forums.

It's generally best to avoid all, or almost all, abbreviations here so that they don't provide a hindrance to those other users. Generally it would be best if users attempted to speak the closest thing they could to proper English, when possible. I'm not going to get on you for say, spelling errors or grammatical missteps, but things done intentionally that are capable of obfuscating your meaning can provide problems for other users very easily.

I've never heard an american say "bloody" before  :D.

Well, technically I live in Austin, TX. And technically I was born in New Orleans, LA. But just because that's where I live, doesn't mean I haven't been exposed to other cultures. I spent about 6 years of my life overseas, and 4 years of it were around people who used words like "bloody" alot. And "vegemite" as well in the case of a group of them. We had both Aussies and Brits where I was.

Anyway, while I live in the US, I'm not terribly fond of saying I'm _from_ it considering how narrow a view that tends to imply.


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