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Potential new Brickmania bitmaps, attempt two

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Hi all,

Thanks for all your votes and suggestions on my old Brickmania bitmaps poll. I decided to start from scratch with the bitmaps again tonight, and came up with something I really like (considerably more than both the current bitmaps and the ones I proposed a couple weeks ago). I took all of your suggestions into account and I hope you'll be pleased with these ones. :) Please have a look and vote, suggestions/comments are entirely welcome.

What I like about them is that the blurriness of the ones I proposed a while ago is entirely gone (in fact these look even sharper than the original bitmaps to me) but the bricks still have depth (highlight along the edge) - they also have a very subtle texture to them, as a real brick does.

There are two versions here: a lighter and darker version. You should specify the one you like best with your vote. :)

Old bitmaps, iPod 5G screenshot:

New bitmaps (LIGHT VERSION), iPod 5G screenshot:

New bitmaps (DARKER VERSION), iPod 5G screenshot:

Thanks for viewing. :)

I voted for the new darker ones. Nice work!
I choose the dark ones because bricks aren't supposed to give off light ;)

Thanks for the reply, petur, and the votes from all. :)

So it seems, surprisingly to me, that a number of people still like the old ones. Can I ask why? Can I get any suggestions or feedback?

I voted for the old ones.

I just prefer the... Texture? Shading? whatever.  The 3-dishness of the old ones.  The new ones seem... flat.  I know, they're bricks, but you're making them disappear by hitting a perfectly elastic ball into them with a floating paddle, so why should they be flat?

The problem I have with the old ones is that the shadow on them couldn't exist the way it does unless the surface of the brick were actually curved, and even then it's identical on each of them which would require very precise (and very very very very distant) positioning of the light source.


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