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rockbox corrupted ipod.


hi i recently purchased a ipod nano (fw ver1.1) two weeks ago, and had heard about ipodlinux, installed that fine then installed rockbox, (i have had various attempts) but then got the hang of it.

The problem is when a fill my ipod with my music (1.6 gb 1.8gb capacity) it worked fine but when i woke up the next day and turned my ipod on it showed a folder saying This has happened twice this week.

does anyone know a stable build that i can use, cos i might otherwise after hang on for a few months, p.s just using apple os i have had no problem.

Did you still have iPodLinux installed when this happened?  I had that happen to me when I was using iPodLinux.  That has never happen to me after I uninstalled IPL and installed Rockbox.  I bet IPL had something to do with this, as it was known to wipe the data off the iPod when it went into deep sleep.

i did to be honesti gave it one last try and its been working fine withrockbox and apple os. thanks.


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