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Strange charging behaviour

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Hi all,

I have a 4G photo 60GB, and I'm not having any success at charging inside of Rockbox.

Some of the devs have mentioned that charging only works correctly in disk mode for some ipods, and I wondered if the behaviour I'm seeing is the same as others in the unsuccessful cases?

If i plug in the AC adapter inside of Rockbox at say 30% battery, charging begins okay.  It'll increase to maybe 40% (and voltage increases from 3.79v to 3.82v) but then no further.  Even if I leave it connected for several hours, no further charging occurs.  Rebooting into Apple OS confirms this battery level.

Any ideas?



charging only works with the firewire cable when booted inside rockbox... unles you have a firewire cable and a firewire ac adaptor... charging while in rockbox is still something to look forward to once retail comes out for the ipod.

otherwise, just charge while in apple OS

Ah, I see; I'm using the USB adapter, not the firewire one.

Thanks for the info,


This isn't true. If you hold Menu while plugging in USB, you can charge in Rockbox, but Rockbox currently draws more power than the retail firmware, so in some cases the iPod won't charge beyond a certain point (or will actually continue to lose power) while plugged in, in Rockbox.

if it only charges to a certain point, or in some cases loses power... then is it really working?

apple os to charge


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