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Nano & Battery life


What is the reason for the great difference between the original Apple Firmware & Rockbox referring to the battery life? (missing technicial information about the system,...)
How can I configure the Nano to get most of the battery life?
Are there any chances in future Rockbox releases that the battery life will be near the same as the original?

Please don't misunderstood my question. I think that your firmware is a very good firmware. I love the gapless playback and all the details in configuring the system.
It works for me very nice.

Just as a heads up, but on other players Rockbox gets MORE battery life than the original firmware. While we haven't done this in a color screen player yet, it's possible. At the very least we should eventually reach a "similar" level.

The main problem with battery life is that it's not a focus right now. Rockbox on iPod is still in fairly early development, and since it's primarily for developers, and people looking for bugs, more time is spent fixing major bugs than optimizing code (which is what will improve battery life.) Once it gets closer to being ready to release, and there are less bugs about, more time will go into optimizations and similar things.

Don't worry, the intent is to have decent battery life on it, in the end. It's just early.

Thank you for your answer!


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