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strange behaviour w/ tag cache

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hello everyone
I have a 2gig Nano, recently bought, never used original apple software ;)
I have a problem w/ tag cache: if I try to make the database with "force..." and "put it on disk" nothing happens, even after 10 minutes or so; if I change into "load into RAM" and reboot the player, it seems it works (database is created correctly), BUT if I play any songs it chrashes: song doesn't start or there is a pop-out message "codec failure".
Ok, so I reboot a second time and finally the player works correctly, database is still there and tracks are played flawlessly.
I have this problem everytime I'm adding a new song, even the database doesn't want to update automatically, I have to force it.
I don't know if it's only my problem or any other Nano user experienced the same thing.
Let me know!

thanks in advance
bye, Massimo 

The database only updated automatically if you have "Dircache" enabled and have TagCache in "Memory"

You'll boot up, Dircache will scan after having added new files. Then you'll have to shutdown after that's finished (no more disk access) then turn it back on. After that boot the new songs should be in TagCache.

I'm not entirely sure about the codec failure thing, a few people have reported this but we haven't got a consistent way to see it happen yet.

As well, the first time you force TagCache update, whether set to "Disk" or "Memory" a reboot will have been necessary for it to show up.

hey, first of all keep up the good work.  ive been using rockbox since archos jukebox, and i think its great.  i CANT STAND itunes so i really hope this works out.  anyhow im having an issue with tagcache too.  if i remove a song from the nano, the tag still remains in my list (AKA theres still an entry under album, artist, song, etc... but the song is gone.)  ive tried updating the cache but all it seems to do is add tags, not remove them.  is there a way to do this?

Unfortunately TagCache is incomplete. It doesn't support _removing_ songs yet. :(
Anyway, if you delete the tagcache*.tcd files on your player in the .rockbox folder (do NOT delete tagnavi.config) and then force a new update, they'll be gone (of course, you're rebuilding the whole database).

Unfortunately that's the only way to do it at the moment, as far as I know.

ok thatll work for now.  i hate itunes so much i dont mind the extra steps.

p.s. did i understand that other thread right?  that battery life with ipod rockbox is worse than orignal fw?  do we know what the rated life is?


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