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WPS contest for Ipod 5g

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I believe that a contest could make people want to make their own WPS in order to be in the TOP 5 or maybe even be "officialy included"....

I really don't want this thread to be where we can grab WPS (The wiki is here for that and does it very nicely!)

But look there aren't a lot of WPS for our ipod when you compare to the H300 I just thought of this solution (competition) in order to have "another spirit" than just posting your wps

Thanks :)

just wondering as i dont own a ipod 5g YET nor do i own a h3xx either but if you wanted to convert a h3xx wps to a ipod 5g wps all you have to change in the locations of the icons and also enlarge the main  image of the wps as the screen is bigger is bigger on the ipod?  am i correct in this? i kept thinking this and just decided to finialy say it just to get feedback on what i thought.

@psycho_maniac that'll work but the pics might lose some quality when you make them bigger


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