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WPS contest for Ipod 5g

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WPS CONTEST for ipod 5g

Goal: Have a bigger collection of wps for our amazing screen!

Open to everyone
New or ported wps are the main objectif

2 Categories:

*COVER ART wps with 100*100 album art

Please post your wps on this topic
A poll will be made in 3 weeks or so depending of the number of wps and everybody will have the chance to vote.

For Wps using patches: Please post your wps's requirements
For all ready made wps you can post an updated vesion here to meet the contest requirements.

If you have any other suggestions...

For porting here are my suggestions:
(Please ask the author before...)

Thanks a lot to everyone! :D

lol think we already have enough 5g themes. themes for the other ports might be more appreciated.
anyways, I'm trying (somehow) to take a theme from ipodwizard and use the bitmaps in a new rockbox theme that will look the same (or similar). it's gonna be a windows xp theme.

nope we don't have enough 5g themes i want more!!! lolz ye i'm greedy for themez cause they make your ipod look quite sexy lolz  ;D

yep we need a lot more album art (100*100) wps!!

Look at this thread for ideas!


--- Quote from: Tiennou on May 26, 2006, 03:52:29 PM ---yep we need a lot more album art (100*100) wps!!

Look at this thread for ideas!

--- End quote ---
^^ Now dat guyz cool!!!

truly agree with him  ;D


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