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MY iriver h340 doesn´t charge rockbox

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Hello to all

My iriver , after having installed rockbox with no problem , needed a new battery.Then I installed it

Since there, I´m not able to boot with rockbox with a message saying Ata error -32, connect usb , and then goes to usb bootloader

Hard disk is original and works wright , it´s read by pc
I boot from iriver original firmware but it can´t recognize any  file or song , sys no song, o kb in harddisk

I´ve red all topics from foro but found nothing can help me

I´ve formatted the harddisk in fat 32, reinstalled rockbox with no succeed

I´ve upgraded the hex file from original firmware, the only I can , 1.29 1.28 and 1.30
I think the eeprom memory has been damaged or erased and can´t see the hard disk , but runs iriver original firm and all the options.When I disconnected the old battery I think it erased or discharged anyway

Anybody can help me ?How can I rewrite eeprom or the flash memory if this is the trouble?

Thanks for patience

Are you sure the harddisk is connected properly? Bit strange to get a harddisk error after swapping battery.

The only weirdness I have seen after battery swap on h3xx is that it doesn't boot at all, requiring a reset - I think that's documented somewhere in the wiki even.

Hello and thanks

Harddisk must be wright connected as I see because it is read well in pc.Contents are seen as they are.The one that cannot read them is iriver
Harddisk in iriver has a point where it gets in, it´s a slot or keyhole in the right side of the harddisk ide.I first thought that I´d broke anything while changing batterie but seems to be all right

Well, you're right that a corrupt eeprom will cause issues with the iriver firmware, but rockbox doesn't use it so it should boot.

From a quick peek at the code, ata -32 means it failed waiting for the drive to be ready after selecting it. This isn't even filesystem related, more low level disk access itself.

No idea what's happening, which is why I thought of a physical (hardware) problem.

Ok,but...if hard disk is read and wroten from pc, connected to the iriver it means that harddisk and his connection goes right as I think
Why can´t I reinstall or uninstall rockbox to run?
And why doesn´t firmware of iriver read the songs of disk?It neither read nor format from utility the disk

Anyone has an idea?

Thanks again


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