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I followed all of the steps for installing the Rockbox bootloader on my X-Fi and seemingly nothing happened, and now the X-Fi just loads into recovery with a firmware error.  The official firmware installer doesn't even detect that the X-Fi is connected, but Windows sees it just fine.  I wouldn't say it's completely bricked, but what can I do at this point?

Hi, are you sure you uploaded the ZEN X-Fi firmware (and not the ZEN firmware for example?). If it indicates a firmware error, it suggest that either you uploaded the wrong file or the file was corrupted. If you want to reinstall the OF, select "Reload firmware", then the official installer should detect it.

It was the prebuilt bootloader image provided on the Zen X-Fi port page.  I seemingly didn't have any issues pushing the firmware, but nothing changed on the device itself aside from getting the previously mentioned firmware error.

I'm only suggesting this because I made this mistake when I first tried,

When you downloaded the pre-build image did you simply right click and save-as, or click on the the link which takes you to a dropbox page where you can download the actual file.

The file firmware-zenxfi.nk should be around 27MB if it's only a few hundred KB, then you may have downloaded the dropbox html page, rather than the actual file.


I have the 27MB firmware-zenxfi.nk file.


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