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I am starting a dedicated thread for the ZEN X-Fi even though it is very close to the Creative ZEN.
The port is now in beta test! You can find the instruction here: Don't forget that this is a preliminary version to it might be unstable and so on. I put a prebuilt version of the bootloader on my dropbox (see wiki link) and you can find the nightly build here:
A few important notes:
1) you'll have to reformat the storage to FAT thus you cannot dual-boot and you will loose all your file on the device
2) charging is not implemented, use the recovery mode to charge

Just tried this port out again following the LCD rework.

It's much better now, no annoying white screen, my workaround was to keep the screen setting permanently on, but now I can set the back light to time out again, for the record I have 8GB non wifi version.

ISSUE 1:  Boot can hang with black screen, either immediately after the CREATIVE logo or the bootloader text. Tested with bootloader V1Beta2.


I just got Rockbox working on my X-Fi, thanks to your hard work. It looks awesome!

At first I tried to build everything myself, and after flashing the firmware.nk file I could get the basic text prompt (I.E. a black background with white text, saying that it was charging). However, when I tried to actually boot Rockbox it would first show the Creative logo twice and then go to a black screen.

Perhaps the build in the git repository is broken at the moment? Your prebuilt firmware is about two months old according to Dropbox. Unfortunately I don't know enough about developing for embedded systems to help you out (or even figure out if there's something wrong at the moment - I have no clue where to start).

the current ZEN X-Fi bootloader has a know problem (aka Black Screen of Death), I might have a found a fix, currently beta testing on the ZEN and will port to the X-Fi if it works. If this happen, just reset and you should eventually be able to boot rockbox. In doubt just a wait a few days so I can upload a new one hopefully.


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