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Clip Zip FLAC cover art tagging?

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2013-12-13: Add support for album art in FLAC files

That's useful, thanks.  Clearly I've been out of this loop a lot longer than I thought!


--- Quote from: saratoga on March 21, 2018, 10:13:50 PM ---2013-12-13: Add support for album art in FLAC files

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This is cool (and I didn't realize until just yesterday), but why would it be added for FLAC files but not Ogg Vorbis files, since FLAC uses Vorbis comment (and therefore, AFAIK at least, the same convention for embedded album art)?  Or is there some fundamental underlying difference between how the art is embedded, which continues to prevent it from working in Ogg files?

Flac and vorbis use different methods to store cover art and the one used by vorbis is a lot more work to support.


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