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Ipod Classic (6.5G) USB Hard Drive Access


Hey there,

I recently installed Rockbox as outlined here:

I was able to get everything working and I noticed something peculiar.  On my Windows 7 machine, I was able to access the iPod's storage after and before installation of Rockbox.  Because I have most of my music on my OSX 10.7.5 machine, I had plugged the iPod in there and was actually able to move files over to the iPod after the Rockbox root folder had been transferred to the machine, but before it had been installed.  After installation (quitting + reboot of iPod), I could no longer access the storage on my OSX machine.  Can anyone explain to me why I might be having problems and if there is any solution?

Basically, I am wondering if I can still access the iPod's storage on my Mac or not.  I know I can use the windows machine to transfer files over without problem, but I'd much prefer to use the mac, as it would save a lot of time!

Sorry if this is unclear!

See this post.

I outlined this exact issue with another user a few days ago.


I know this is old, but maybe it helps:

--- Quote from: copper on April 20, 2014, 07:32:42 AM ---I'm now hosting a daily build of (vanilla) Rockbox for the iPod Classic with the USB Vendor and Product IDs changed to 0x123A and 0x456B respectively, which aren't currently assigned.

Here's the corresponding patch:

--- End quote ---


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