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Do you know a tool for automatic .LRC downloading?


Hello everybody,

I'm using Rockbox on my iPod Classic 5G, using EMCore.

Does anyone of you know of an application which can scan my music library, and download LRC files for them automatically? This would be nice, because downloading manually is quite a hassle.

Thank you.

I use a lot of flash skins for my Cowon D2 which supports lyrics too. And the Koreans love karaoke and the community is very productive in creating skins and applications for the Cowon D2 like lyrics downloading tools which I never used though. If you are korean by chance you wont have troubles using them, but the UI looks simple to figure out how it works.

There is one here:

To download click on the area which is marked with a red arrow and the on 내PC 저장 as shown on the screenshot, that is attached to my post.

And another one can be found here and it needs to be installed on your system and unfortunately all the text is korean too:




--- Quote from: Exeleration-G on August 27, 2013, 04:42:02 AM ---I'm using Rockbox on my iPod Classic 5G, using EMCore.

--- End quote ---

I can assure you that you most certainly are not...

(hint: its a either 6G or 7G, but definitely not a 5G :) )


Minilyrics could do that through so call iPod lyrics downloader (it can load lyrics for folders as well as files from iTunes library):
Though maybe you have to pay for this program to use that feature (can't remember exactly, but price is not very high though)


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