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Input, please, on potential new Brickmania bitmaps!

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Hi all, I've been working on fully adapting Brickmania to the iPod 5G's larger display (meaning larger bitmaps to make it fullscreen). Since scaling up the current bitmaps looks horrible, I decided to create my own. I rather like the look of these, so I wanted to hear what people thought of them.

If everybody prefers them, I'll adapt them to all the color LCD targets and commit them, but I need votes fast. I really want to get these in pre-3.0 (meaning within a couple days, probably).

Old bitmaps, iriver H300 screenshot:

New bitmaps, iriver H300 screenshot:

Any input is welcome, all votes appreciated. :)

So the results are pretty even, I guess the current ones will stay for now.

Does anybody who voted 'no' have any input or suggestions? ze in IRC pointed out that they look a little blurry which I am aware of and will work on. I also think the colors are a bit vivid, I'll tone them down a bit.

Anything else, anybody?

I also like the 'brick' effect of the old ones -> texture

I voted yes, primarily because I think they'll look better when scaled to the Nano's screen size. I'm not fond of the current ones on it, and _especially_ the cracking texture on top of the current ones.

I voted no, because I also like the "brick" effect of the old ones.
And IMHO the new ones look too bright and hurt my eyes... ;)


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