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iPod calssic 6 with emcore - no more USB support

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Hi Gys

I Really love Rockbox on my iPOD classic 6 with emcore.  I loaded the original 2012 - and its great.

But when I update to the latest version there's no more USB support - only a generic "USB mass storage device" which one cannot access :(

Why is this?  Am I doing something wrong?  The 2012 rockbox version is sooo buggy :(


Same here.   I had the same problem months ago and thought I would try back again and see if they fixed it yet.  When I install the latest rockbox-ipod6g build, and connect to usb, it comes up as a generic "Removable Disk" with no contents.  I guess it's back to the buggy 2012 build :(

There's no need to revert to an older build just to maintain USB functionality. That is overkill. Besides . . . you'll miss out on features, fixes, etc.

The way to do this is to use a little bit of forethought and boot into the fallback image when you require USB disc access:

emCORE Main Menu --> Tools --> Run Rockbox Fallback Image

The iPod will now boot a fallback image giving you the very best chance of being able to mount over USB. Transfer the file(s) you need to transfer or do whatever it is you needed to do, and then reboot and go about your business as normal.


I didn't think of that... thanks, I'll give it a try.

Why not just add USB by default ?!

I restored my Ipod ... bleghhh


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