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Colorfly C3 (I can't help, but I can send a player to somebody who can!)

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I bought a Colorfly C3. That was a silly thing to do, as I explain here:

I decided that I didn't want to deal with that nonsense anymore, so I bought a Sansa Clip+ and put Rockbox on it. The thing is, what I really want is a device that is as sturdy and sounds as nice as the C3, but runs Rockbox. I anticipate that if there was a Rockbox port for the C3, there would be a 100% install rate.

I was going to sell the C3, but I doubt that I'll get much money for it. I would, however, be willing to give it to somebody able to assess the viability of a port. Somebody with a proven track record that is...(and anyway, you don't want to scam me into giving you this thing. Trust me. Without a proper OS it's virtually useless)


Have a read of and especially

Whereas it might seem like "Hey, giving my old player to a Rockbox developer" is a nice thing to do, it would actually be giving that Rockbox developer a lot of work to do, without much of a reward. Ports are done by the people who have that player.

Fair enough. I wouldn't even know where to begin doing it myself, and frankly the time investment would not be wise at this time in my life.

Just figured I'd make the offer.

No problem! It's a bit counter-intuitive, since it's clear that you're wanting to do something helpful, so I wasn't trying to criticise you :)

The first step to any port would be to identify the main processor. There are some disassembly photos on the internet showing "C4 master", never heard of this chip, it might be a rebranded SoC. It would be helpful if you could find a recovery mode on the player for example. Typical way to reach to reach it is to hold a button (with device powered off) and plug the device, then the USB vendor/product id might be an hint. Other ways include shorting pins on the flash chip and plugging USB, if you feel like doing so.


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