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Don't know how much this helps but at this link

they have a step by step guide to dismantling the iRiver clix some of which applies to the U10 as well also they have side by side pics of the innards of both the U10 and Clix.  I actually just got a Clix but have no time to take it apart atm i may get it done after I return from vacation.

iRiver Clix is ARM - SA58700x07

iRiver U10 is ARM - SA58450x03

hmm you already know that but yeah heres some more confirmation ^^

-edit- more info go go slow day at work

from wiki here

    *  CPU: ARM Samsung SA5848 (e.g. SA58480X03 QA444283)
    * Flash: Samsung 446 K4S561632E-TL75
hmmm delving into the info here

all iRiver enthusist Rockboxx intrests

The ABiPod link is broken, mate.

Hi all,

I suppose there's not much chance to port Rockbox to the iRiver U10: You won't learn much about the hardware since all is merged within a special ARM unit, which contains e.g. an ARM CPU, a DSP, USB etc.

See e.g. other ARM9 products, such as

Mr. Brownstone:
So we'll just ask ARM nicely for the chip specs. ;D


--- Quote from: Mr. Brownstone on June 21, 2006, 05:54:00 AM ---So we'll just ask ARM nicely for the chip specs. ;D

--- End quote ---

The ARM core is not the problem.

The Gigabeat F and X series use the Samsung S3C2440A for which we have all the documentation. I couldn't find anything for the chips used in the newer irivers.


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