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Hi all,

is there a table overview of hardware components within the different MP3 players?

This might simplify the task to identify parts and compare for matching drivers within other branches.

I just found

I can identify
* Samsung 446 K4S561632E-TL75 (probably the flash)
* ARM: Samsung SA58480X03 QA444283 (the CPU)

On I may see parts of the H10 Junior, such as
* ARM: Samsung 0517 SA58450X01 K9G53ND (CPU)
* Samsung: 516 K9W8G08U1M YCBO (flash)
* crystal: 12 MHz
* TP021BSL LC41057 4EN1N
* TP020CSB LC98600C TXJ3Y 4BG2G
* SEC 516 RN75 K4S641633H
* ZXM 3N02
* Philps TEA 5761UK VGAA5 DSG05013Y

This may be what you're looking for:

I can't find any info on that CPU.  Its probably ARM since I think thats what Samsung uses on all their audio chipsets, but has anyone been able to confirm that?

Yes, it's ARM based:

Too bad Samsung doesn't give any info about them on their website.

Haha.  I guess the big "ARM" stamp on the chip was a giveaway.


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