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Hello all,

On behalf of the Rockbox developers, I'm very pleased to announce that Rockbox 3.13 has just been released!

Go here to download the installer (individual zips are also available):

Read up on the most noticeable changes in 3.13:

Unfortunately the Nano 2g isn't included in this release, but Rockbox Utility will offer to install either 3.10 or the latest development build for you.

And above all, enjoy!



--- Quote from: RockBox Team ---Expanded EQ to 10 fully parametric bands with new presets
--- End quote ---
Very good!!

just installed this version to my ipod mini 1st gen which i bought for the task. I paid about £10 for the ipod and another £3 for a battery. now listening to 24/96 flac and it works without a problem. the wolfson dac supports this so in theory it should not be a problem but very satisfying all the same. tried some listening tests again my fiio x3 and its really good. Next is a CF card conversion but I think I need a gen 2 for that.

Well done guys this is very clever stuff.

I guess its me as i didn't read the manual but when i disconnect from my pc it scrambles the letters on the screen.  Any ideas?

Seems to work well on my clip zip. Thanks for making our mp3 players 100 times better. Much love <3

Will there ever be a 4.14?


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